Tin Cans in Bundles
EWC CODE:  15 01 04
ISRI Specification: 213

Composition:   Ferrous Cans coated by a thin layer of Tin
Recovery Code :      R4
Specifications: Steel cans in bundles
The Tin Cans are a post consumer light melting scrap, made up of used tin cans, clippings and skeleton scrap, which are processed and hydraulically compressed in bundles.
Tin Cans may be baled without the removal of paper labels, but free of other non metallic contaminations.
Our products don’t contain neither dangerous materials nor inflammable, radioactive or explosive substances.


  • The material is pressed and ready for melting (R4 recovery);
  • Average Bale Size: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm;
  • Average Bale Weight: about 270Kg

  • The stock collected is stored in open air on cemented flooring.

  • A 100 MT trial order is suggested, to check the suitability of the material for the end-user recovery process.
  • Following quantities up to about 2.000 MT/monthly can be arranged.
Shipment Options:

  • The baled material can be loaded loose and shipped in 20’ Upgrade Containers.
  • Average container weight 25 to 28 MT, or to the maximum loading capacity, permitted by the destination country/shipping company.
  • Bulk Vessel
Origin:  United Kingdom

  • After the contract signature and L/C opening, visual inspections of buyer representatives at our yards, are always welcome and recommended.
  • If required, our plants are open to any accredited international inspection company in order to supervise our yard and test the quality of our products.


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