Incinerated Steel Scrap
The Incinerated scrap is the by-product of the household waste incineration.

After the combustion process, the furnace output is firstly washed and then magnetically separated.


At a visual inspection, the material is fragmentized, with iron and steel parts, resulting partly cut or in shredded form.

The stock appears heterogeneous and contains all kind of cut or dismantled steel parts such as sheets, bars, frames, wires, bolts and  other iron/steel household residues.

Our Middle Plus Grade has an average Fe content of 92 – 95%.

A Fine Grade, resulting in an average Fe content between 80-90%, is also available.

The incinerated scrap is eventually oxidized, due to the thermal and cooling treatments, that the material has been submitted to.
The burnt scrap also contains minor slag-parts, ash and iron oxide, due to the quirky recovery process.
Such components are inherent and adhere to the scrap surface. The total impurities, around 5-7% in weight, can be sorted, but not fully removed.

The consignment does not contain any type of arms, ammunition, mines, shells, cartridges, radioactive contaminated, or any other explosive material in any form either used or otherwise.
The collected stock, is stored in open air, on cemented flooring.
Due to the scrap dimensions and the material conditions, this particular scrap, should be carefully evaluated first, by the end users, to confirm its adequate recovery ratio and its suitability to be re-melted in the electric arc furnace.

Scrap sizes:
  • Middle Plus Grade: (about 92 - 95% iron content); scrap-parts of 5cm up to 30cm, about 5-8%: small particles of 2cm with granules and minor impurity, slag dust, iron oxide
  • Fine Grade:     (about 80-90% iron content);  scrap-parts of 5cm up to 30cm.
Availabilities and shipment options:
  • 100 MT as a trail shipment to check the suitability of the material for the end-user.
  • Middle Plus Grade: Collected quantities of up to about 5.000 MT/monthly can be arranged.
  • Fine Grade:  Collected quantities of up to about 3.000 MT/monthly can be arranged.
  • Loaded in 20’ Upgrade Containers:
    • Average container weight: between 25 and 28 MT, or to the maximum loading capacity, permitted by the destination country or the committed shipping company.
  • Bulk Vessel
    • Average Bulk Vessel weight: 2,000 – 3,000 MT
  • UK, Netherlands
  • Once the contract has been signed and the L/C opened, visual inspections of buyer representatives at our scrap yards, are always welcome and recommended.
  • Any Third Inspection company, according to the customer requirements or waste international shipment rules allowed.

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