The supply of raw materials is a key issue for the world steel industry.

Currently the most common steel making process are:

From raw materials including iron ore, limestone and coke along with recycled steel by the blast furnace (BF) and basic oxygen furnace (BOF) route.
The purpose is to extract metals from ores, and subject them to a thermochemical treatment in order to produce alloys.
The processing of metals typically involves two basic moments:
extraction of metals from a mineral (iron making)
refining of the crude product obtained (steel making)

From recycled steel via the electric arc furnace (EAF) method:
These processes require raw material that have been already partially or totally reduced that require only to be melted and refined.
Iron and Steel scrap is the main raw material in steel cycle in arc electric furnace.

The iron and steel industry recycles three types of scrap: “home”, “new”, and “old” scrap.

Home scrap
Home scrap is internally generated in the steel production process when steel mills and foundries.

New scrap
Is generated in steel-product manufacturing plants and includes such items as turnings, clippings and stampings leftover when a part is made during manufacturing The material is generally processes and collected from other waste materials.

Old scrap
Old or post-consumer scrap results when industrial and consumer steel products have served their useful life.

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